She’s A Friend, Lesson Student and Fellow Horse Nut


My dear friend Sabrina is probably the other piece of whatever I came from because aside from our taste buds we could not be more alike or more understanding of one another. It’s invaluable to have a friend feel so much like family. It’s a wonder how I went 25 years without knowing her, and I truly don’t know where I’d be without her anymore! Please enjoy these fabulous shots of miss Sabrina from our first cowgirl inspired photoshoot here as I go through this post. 🙂

Cowgirl Sabrina
One major thing we have in common is an unmistakeable and undeniable complete adoration for horses. The smell, the sounds, the feel and the mere company of a horse often brings us together after a bad or good day and it’s at the barn that we’ve spent many good nights talking and relaxing. There’s a special kind of therapy two friends enjoy when sitting out in a lawn chair, drinking a good beer, listening to the sound of a horse chomp-chomping away at grass next to you.

Along with that I’ve been teaching Sabrina the basics of horseback riding and horse care. She picks up everything as we go along and is quick to recall a past instruction. It’s a breeze to teach her and seeing as how she’s my first official [unofficial] lesson student, this is a great thing for me too. I know not everyone that I have the pleasure of teaching come the future will be this readily spongeable, if you will, but it’s great to have this positive reinforcement while I’m starting to teach.

Cowgirl Sabrina

Thank you girl for being in my life and sharing this great love I have for horses with me. You’re an asset to my barn and my family. Here’s to many more good times!







  • Twenty-something
  • Mother of two
  • Married to one
  • Employed
  • Two dogs
  • One cat
  • Loves to sing & watch shows and movies
  • Can sorta draw
  • Writer and photographer on the side




  • 9 year old mare
  • Quarter Horse
  • 15.1hh
  • Never bred
  • Coming back from being barn sour
  • Dominant
  • Sorrel w/ star
  • Brown eyes
  • Barefoot
  • Ridden western




  • 10 year old mare
  • Registered QH
  • 15.2hh
  • Broodmare – currently in foal
  • Green broke
  • Cremello with stripe
  • Blue eyes
  • Submissive
  • Barefoot
  • Incredibly sweet and loves attention